How it all started - A little bit of our journey

How it all started - A little bit of our journey

Since I’ve started my Psychology studies in 2010, I’ve embarked on an inner search with the intention of increasing my body and mind balance, which drove me to have a healthier lifestyle. In 2015, I’ve completed my Masters in Psychology with a mindfulness thesis, triggering a wonderful journey of self-discovery. I’ve spent quite a lot of time studying subjects such as aromatherapy, ayurvedic medicine, alternative therapies and natural remedies made with herbs from our kitchen. I’ve realised how many unnatural and harmful ingredients are being used in most of our everyday products and I wanted to reduce my usage at home. I’ve also became aware of the harmful amount of plastic used on those products’ packaging, which led me to drastically reduce my consumption of it. This change made me even more aware of what nature has to offer, and how much we are damaging the planet we live in. I’ve decided to stop contributing to mass-produced products, as much as I could. I’ve started experimenting alternative products at home, formulating my own natural cosmetics, storing them in reused packaging, until they were no longer in condition to be used, replacing them with glass or aluminium packaging.

This project started flying when I, Carina, got pregnant for the second time. I didn't want to use products with undesired ingredients on my baby. When I’ve had my first daughter (in 2004), the struggle with nappy rashes was just too painful on her (and consequently on me too). I was using only the most reputable products, expensive and recommended by doctors. Still, and despite being extra careful with her hygiene and nappy time care, she had painful diaper rashes too often… I really didn’t know what to do. When I got pregnant with my second child (in 2017), I already had better knowledge of what could be done to prevent that. I've researched countless methods to ensure my baby had only the best care. I’ve studied natural cosmetology in depth, making sure I was able to formulate the best cosmetic products, that were somehow beneficial to protect my baby from that kind of suffering. I’ve tirelessly and determinedly dedicated myself to creating the nappy cream that my baby deserved (and deserves), after all everything that is created with love and wisdom simply works. At that time, other pregnant friends had the same feelings as me, and they’ve also used this cream. Needless is to say, it was a HUGE success!!! My son never had diaper use related issues. Along the way, I’ve discovered that this cream is indispensable for several other things, but I’ll save that for another time. A new chapter in my life was then established, and I’ve started working with Alex (my partner) to help other people rebalancing their body and mind, offering them more sustainable alternatives to take care of themselves. Thus, in 2018, Dakini Temple was officially born, through the love of a mother who wanted the best for her baby.

Carina Ribeiro

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