Summer Glow | After Sun Healing Balm

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After a day spent in the sun, your skin needs to be revitalized and properly hydrated. Taking care of your skin with our after sun balm will help to restore your natural hydration balance, providing it with the necessary regeneration, while also giving your skin a calming effect.

Enriched with calendula, avocado, bisabolol, vitamin E and provitamine B5, it helps protecting your skin against dehydration and maintaining a more stunning and long-lasting tan, while helping to protect against premature skin aging associated with sun exposure. It has a delicate and irresistible mango aroma, try not to eat it!


Ingredients: Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Calendula Oil, Avocado Oil, Carrot Oil, Beeswax, Essential Oils (Bergamot, Frankincense, Patchouli), Bisabolol, Vitamin E, Provitamine B5, Cosgard