Retrospect: A look back at last year

Retrospect: A look back at last year

We do understand and respect that 2020 was a tough year for humanity in general, however, we, at Dakini Temple, had a year full of love, positive changes, happy moments and we grew more than we thought it was possible! For a starter, Dakini Temple’s family new member was born in April, in the middle of a weird World pandemic! Our little baby Marley came into this world fiercely and full of an insanely bright light, teaching us another lesson - the power of unexpected and unconditional love. We got Yasmim and Benji ready for their little brother and since day one, they are inspiringly sweet with each other. A teenager, a toddler and a baby? Yes we do own a full on noisy and messy house now, and we absolutely love it!

Our happiest team moments were every single time we’ve received feedback from you. Our favourite team activity was making our Christmas tree from scratch, it was super fun!!! The most important lesson we’ve learned was to treasure our family even more, so in difficult times we can be here for each other. We got inspired over and over again, and thanks to that we've created our Yoni collection, and a few other creations that are waiting to sneak out! We are motivated by all of our customers, family and friends. We are excited by the projects that are coming and we are SUPER proud to tell people where we work. We had a fantastic year, we have made new partnerships and we grew our team. Alex, has quit his full-time job to join us. We are officially a family business now! We feel loved, appreciated and valued due to all the support we’ve been given by all of you throughout the year! Thank you, we are super grateful and couldn’t be happier.

Our most important goal this year is to keep growing with the right values, and to help as many people as possible, by mindfully sharing our knowledge and love.

Carina Ribeiro

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